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The advantages of Visian ICL

Refractive errors like nearsightedness and astigmatism make your vision blurry. If you would prefer not to wear glasses or contact lenses to overcome this blurriness, you may be a great candidate for refractive surgery. While LASIK and SMILE are the best-known refractive procedures, they are not your only option. You may be excited to learn about EVO Visian ICL, a highly effective alternative to the traditional procedures. Below, our team of eye doctors review the advantages of Visian ICL.

Leaving the cornea intact

LASIK involves removing some tissue from the cornea. Therefore, if you are someone who has a thin cornea, you may be deemed a weak candidate for Lasik since removing corneal tissue may be risky. EVO ICL does not remove any corneal tissue. Not only does this allow more people to safely undergo refractive surgery, it also makes any subsequent eye surgeries that may become necessary later in life easier to perform since the cornea is still intact.

Avoiding dry eye

If your eyes are regularly itchy and uncomfortable, you may have chronic dry eye. Eye doctors often discourage patients with dry eye from having LASIK/Smile since it can worsen their symptoms. Even patients without dry eye develop temporary dry eye for several weeks after their surgery. Fortunately, EVO Visian ICL does not seem to significantly elevate your risk for having dry eye, and you should still be a great candidate for this refractive surgery even if you have been diagnosed with dry eye.

Protection from the sun’s rays

Ultraviolet light isn’t just bad for your skin — it can also damage your eyes. Research has linked unprotected sun exposure to retinal disorders, cataracts, and even tumors. Sunglasses remain the best way to protect your eyes from UV rays, but the collamer in EVO Visian ICL provides additional protection to further minimize your risks and block the sun when you leave the house without sunglasses.


The benefits of EVO Visian ICL are intended to last throughout your life. However, if for some reason in the future you would like to undo this refractive surgery, you have that option. It may seem like an appropriate decision if your vision prescription changes dramatically, or if you experience a traumatic eye injury. Whereas LASIK and SMILE make permanent changes to your eye, you should experience no complications if you remove your ICLs.

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If you have moderate to severe myopia (with or without astigmatism) and would like to limit your dependence on prescription eyewear, you may be an ideal candidate for EVO Visian ICL. To learn more about this procedure and all your refractive surgery options, please schedule a consultation with LEC London.

The doctors of the EuroEyes Group have implanted more than 30,000 ICL lenses since 1998 and have the most experience in implanting ICL lenses in Europe and are also among the most experienced worldwide.