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Save £1,500 On Smile Pro smile Laser Eye Surgery
Vision options at
age 20-39
SMILE®Pro, Femto Lasik & ICL

All methods at 20-39 Years

With SMILE Pro we can laser your eyes without a “flap” and no longer have to open the cornea extensively
The implantable contact lens or implantable Collamer® lens is a perfect procedure to treat high ametropia and thin corneas
One of the most modern, safe and individualized procedures to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism with flap method
30 Years
More than 30 Years of Experiences in Refractive and Lens Surgery
High volume surgeons each 2000 operations a year
Most SMILE Pro
Performed the most SMILE Pro Operations in Germany (Laser Vision Correction)
Most ICLs
Performed the most ICL Implantations in Europe (treatment of myopia)
Additional services
Age 39+
Laser Blended Vision, eye laser option at 40 years old
Age 45+
No more reading glasses!
Age 55+
finally a clear and bright vision again
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163-169 Brompton Rd, London SW3 1PY