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Chief eye surgeon trusts Euroeyes and undergoes surgery himself

Dr. Andriy Petrunya had multifocal lenses implanted by Dr Jørgensen
Dr. Andriy Petrunya, a distinguished member of the EuroEyes team in China since 2015, stands out as one of the group’s best laser and refractive lens surgeons. With an extensive track record, Dr. Petronya has likely performed the highest number of Trifocal lens operations in China, earning him recognition as a leading expert in the field.
Beyond his surgical prowess, Dr. Petronya is revered by both his colleagues and patients for his exceptional medical knowledge and unwavering dedication to his work. Despite his remarkable expertise, Dr. Petronya, like many others, began to experience symptoms of presbyopia as he entered his fifties, necessitating the use of reading glasses.
Putting his trust in the Zeiss Trifocal lens technology and the EuroEyes team, Dr. Petronya underwent surgery on both eyes. This decision, made with confidence and backed by his firsthand knowledge of the exceptional quality of care provided by EuroEyes, underscores the trust and confidence placed in the clinic and its esteemed team of surgeons.
On February 8th, under the skilled hands of his colleague and boss, Dr. Jørgensen, Dr. Petronya underwent successful surgery, reaffirming his unwavering belief in EuroEyes and its commitment to delivering outstanding eye care services to its patients.