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EuroEyes to open Clinic in Hong Kong Russel St.

On Thursday 30 March 2023, Founder and Chairman of the EuroEyes international Group Dr. Jørn S. Jørgensen visited Hong Kong to sign the agreement with Mr. Tony Chu, representative of Early Light International Ltd. This marked EuroEyes to set up its first clinic in the APAC region, aside from mainland China.

The atmosphere was extremely cheerful when Dr. Jørn Jørgensen, Chairman and Executive Director of the EuroEyes Group started the opening speech for the signing ceremony at Harbour City in Hong Kong. Also Mr. Calvin Ng (Senior Leasing Manager of Property Department, Early Light International Ltd.), Mr. Tony Chau (General Manager of Property Department, Early Light International Ltd.), Mr. Marcus Huascar Bracklo (Non-executive Director of EuroEyes) and Mr. Michael Zhang (Chief Operating Officer of EuroEyes) took part in the ceremony. As the agreement being signed, the management board proposed a toasted and took photos together.

After the successful signing Dr. Jørgensen answered a few media's questions, including EuroEyes’ reason for the choice of location, its development situation and new pipeline plan in the Greater China, as well as the expectation towards the customer volume in the future. The "South China Morning Post" also published an article of the event.

Russell Street, where the EuroEyes’s new clinic located, frequently ranked as the world’s most expensive retail street by rental values. “We took the chance, as we think it’s a good time right now, I would never have got such a location three years ago.” Dr. Jørgensen said, “People want to invest in themselves and invest in healthcare. We are very confident in China right now. ”