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LEC London uses the Pentacam Wave

Pentacam Wave – We have just introduced the latest front-end topography technology for laser vision correction

LEC uses the Pentacam Wave – it combines the best opportunities to examine the patients eyes pre and after surgery. It is very important for us to examine our patients with the latest and best technology. Pentacam Wave technology is an advanced method for measuring the ocular surface and cornea. This technology uses a combination of Scheimpflug and Placido technology to make highly accurate measurements. Pentacam Wave is particularly useful for diagnosing eye diseases such as keratoconus and for planning refractive surgery. Measurements are quick and painless and provide a detailed analysis of the cornea, including thickness and curvature. Pentacam Wave technology is a major advancement in ophthalmology, enabling our ophthalmologists to make accurate diagnoses and create customized treatment plans.
Prof. Auffarth and Prof. Kohnen (both members of the EuroEyes ‘International Medical Advisory Board‘ ) are reporting on the advantages and their personal experiences with the new Pentacam AXL Wave.
Watch the Roundtable discussion Video and get all information HERE
LEC London uses the Pentacam Wave