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Save £2,500 On ReLEx smile Laser Eye Surgery
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Save £2,500 On SMILE® Pro Surgery

To celebrate the opening of LEC London’s Knightsbridge clinic, the team is offering the first 50 ReLEx smile patients a huge £2,500 off the cost of their ReLEx smile treatment.

LEC London is the latest UK-based clinic specializing in laser eye surgery from the internationally renowned team at EuroEyes International Eye Group. Headed by Dr Jørn Slot Jørgensen, the clinic specializes in refractive lens surgeries.

What Is ReLEx Smile?

ReLEx smile eye surgery is often touted as the most gentle form of eye surgery you can receive. A further development of Femto-LASIK, this surgery provides a safe and gentle correction of any visual defects, without creating a “flap” in the cornea, as is typical with conventional LASIK procedures.

This means that the cornea remains stable and any “flap” complications are eliminated.

Instead of cutting through the cornea to create this “flap”, a special femtosecond laser prepares a very thin, 3D slice inside the cornea, allowing the surgery to continue without requiring a corneal flap.

ReLEx smile surgery is our preferred choice of eye surgery for correcting myopia, astigmatism and dry eyes.

Advantages of ReLEx Smile

There are many advantages to choosing ReLEx smile, including comfort and recovery time.

Comfort levels

ReLEx smile is one of the most comfortable options available for refractive surgery. It is a very quick procedure, taking mere minutes to complete both eyes and retains the strength of the cornea.

Recovery time

Thanks to the fast, minimally invasive procedure, the recovery time for ReLEx smile is much faster than other laser eye surgery options. You’ll go through various, regular check ups to check the health of your eye. Most patients will see improvements in their vision within 3 days of the treatment, and can resume normal activity within the same time frame.

Patient suitability

Many patients who may be unsuitable for other treatment options may find that ReLEx smile is much better suited to their lifestyle. Thanks to the keyhole nature, patients with a thin cornea will be able to get laser eye surgery to correct their vision. ReLEx smile can also treat much stronger prescriptions.

About LEC London

Located in the heart of Knightsbridge on Brompton Road, LEC London’s flagship clinic neighbors the world-renowned Harrods and is the latest EuroEyes International Eye Group clinic.

Patients can visit LEC London for the treatment of visual acuity problems, such as presbyopia, myopia and cataracts, amongst other refractive surgeries, in order to provide freedom from glasses, contact lenses or reading glasses.

The new state-of-the-art LEC London clinic is kitted out with the latest ZEISS technology, allowing the team to offer completely personalized treatments to patients requiring refractive surgery. The team is headed by Dr. Jørn Slot Jørgensen, with support from Dr. Göran G. Helgason and Dr. Fadi Kherdaji.

Booking With LEC London

At LEC London, we help patients with any number of visual impairments, including presbyopia, myopia, and cataracts. We provide a range of treatment options, including:

· ReLEx smile
· ICL lens implantation
· Femto-LASIK

To celebrate the launch of our brand new clinic, we are offering the first 50 ReLEx smile patients £2,500 off their treatment cost.

We offer a free consultation for all patients, where we will study your eye and discuss the best treatment options available to you. Book your free consultation with us today and begin your journey to a life without glasses.