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SMILE Laser Operations Award

Groundbreaking News in Refractive Surgery :

EuroEyes Clinic Group, operating across global centers including Berlin, Beijing, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, München, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, has attained notable acclaim within the field of refractive surgery.

Milestones achievement :

1. SMILE Laser Operations Award (January 21, 2023):

On January 21st, EuroEyes International secured a groundbreaking achievement by being awarded for performing the highest number of SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) laser operations for the treatment of Myopia in Europe during 2023. This prestigious award underscores EuroEyes' commitment to advancing cutting-edge technology and expertise in Myopia treatment through laser vision corrections.

2. Global Leadership in Trifocal Operations (November 11, 2023):

Adding to its Laser award , EuroEyes was previously acknowledged on November 11th, 2023, in Hong Kong, for performing the most (Zeiss) Trifocal Lens operations worldwide, specifically in the treatment of presbyopia. This remarkable feat marks the second significant achievement in the field of refractive surgery for the year 2023.
More than 1 Million Refractive Surgery Operations Since 1993:
EuroEyes International, with a history dating back to 1993, has long time ago surpassed the milestone by successfully conducting over 1 million operations in refractive surgery. This achievement reflects the group's unwavering commitment to advancing patient care and surgical precision.
Leadership in Myopia and Presbyopia Treatment:
EuroEyes is proud not only treating the highest number of SMILE laser vision corrections for Myopia but also in achieving global recognition for the implantation of the most Trifocal lenses for presbyopia treatment. These two procedures—laser vision corrections and Trifocal lens implantations—underscore EuroEyes International's preeminent position in refractive surgery.
This groundbreaking news solidifies EuroEyes International as one of the leading group in refractive surgery, setting new standards for innovation and excellence in ophthalmic care.