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Cataract Surgery - the most frequent surgery performed in Medicine!

Cataract Surgery - is also a refractive surgery to secure a life without glasses

Everybody will sooner or later develop a cataract or cloudiness of the own lens in the eye, which make a cataract extraction and implantation of a clear artificial intraocular Lens necessary. Cataract surgery ist the most frequent performed surgery in overall medicine. Cataract surgery in the UK (and at the NHS) in terms of total numbers is considered the most frequent performed surgery.

Every eye and cataract extraction is unique and in terms of lens calculations and implantations needs a customized individual treatment, to secure a perfect vision without residual refractive errors, otherwise it makes postoperative corrections with glasses for distance and/or near necessary. NHS will in most cases only offer standard intraocular lenses or solutions, which result in postoperative refractive errors and for the rest of the life the patient dependent to wear glasses for distance and/or near or progressiv glasses. However today diagnostic equipments and customized intraocular lenses makes an individual treatment possible, so that patient can enjoy a life without corrective glasses.

LEC-London sees cataract surgery not only a treatment to replace the (cloudy) cataract lens, but also as a refractive surgery to get rid of all simultaneous refractive errors as Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and presbyopia. This will - rest of the life - save the patients (and cost) to wear spectacles glasses for distance an/or near or expensive (> 1000 £) progressiv glasses.